Peaceful & Warm


The British Fenstration Rating Council’s ‘Window Energy Rating’ scheme calculates te overall energy efficiency of windows. It has given consumers an easy way to distinguish between the top energy saving A-C rated windows and less eco-friendly alternatives.

Now consumers can instantly verify the performance claims of manufactures and compare different window types according to their need – as well as deciding which product is best, and most importantly whether they’re getting value for money. In the future all window products are likely to be energy rated. This will make it even easier to choose the right energy efficient glazing – one that generatess tangible savings for the home, and the enviornment.

Just another reason you’re more comfortable at home with Heatguard.


 70mm PVCu FRAME

Multi-chambered PVCu 70mm casement profiles. Providing very low levels of thermal transmittance (U-Value) together with minimal air leakage (Pa pressure).

Designed by a leading European company providing polymer solutions, throughout the world. Heatguard products also incorporate the very latest in security with internal beading & high security locking mechanisms.


The use of coated insulating glass, resulting in low surface emissivity, with lower levels of thermal thransmittance compared with traditional glazing. It reduces the amount of heat loss out through your window, whilst allowing heat (energy) from the sun in.

This effect is known as solar gain and as it comes from the sun its free of charge. Our warm edge sealed units are 28mm wide leaving a 20mm cavity which is filled with Argon, an inert gas thermal ‘blanket’. Your home automatically feels warmer without the need to turn up the heating.


Innovative warm edge Super Spacer a non-metal solution. This extruded organic EPDM, spacer includes a 10 layer vapour barrier and a dual seal structureal adhesive. It provides the ‘back-bone’ of our high performance insulated glass units. With vastly inproved thermal efficiency, they also deliver better sound proofing, dramatically less condensation and longer life expectancy than more traditional metal spacer bars.